We welcome all minority artists to submit his or her work. Any medium of work is accepted in the following categories:

  • Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpting, Illustration, Designers, Photography, etc)
  • Film & Digital Media (Film, Animation, etc)
  • Movement Arts (Dance, Acting, etc)
  • Music (Singing, Musical Instruments, producing, etc)
  • Culinary Arts (Anything related to cooking as an art form)
  • Cosmetology (Barbers, Hairstylist, Makeup, etc.)
  • Literary Arts (Writers, Authors, Novelist, etc.)


This publication is open to all artists who adhere to our criteria.

Publishing and Distribution:

Blaque Canvas Magazine is an independently own publishing company that distributes quarterly, both digital and hard copied magazines to over 1,000 subscribers. Please note, that if you are selected to be included in our magazine, you will be emailed, and asked to set up either an in-person interview or an over the phone interview.

For more information email: Contact@blaquecanvas.com